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Legal Services to Prepare You for a Secure Tomorrow

Legal Services to Prepare You for a Secure Tomorrow

Legal Services to Prepare You for a Secure TomorrowLegal Services to Prepare You for a Secure Tomorrow

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning is a term used for getting assistance with the qualification for Medicaid benefits to pay for long term care. It focuses on assistance through the complex application process and it may include protecting assets for the individual if feasible. 

Often times families may not look into Medicaid planning because they have heard many of the myths of Medicaid. Medicaid qualification does have certain asset and income requirements. An individual is allowed to engage in planning options in order to meet the requirements and have assistance in paying for their long term care. Planning options may include protecting assets or utilizing a spend-down. Gifting can have an impact on the Medicaid application. It is important to work with someone who will explain all of the options to the individual and their family. An individual who is receiving assistance NEVER receives a differing quality of care. 

Medicaid assistance is available for: 

  • In Home Care Assistance: Recipients are entitled to receive a set number of hours of care within the home. They are also eligible for assistance with food preparation. This type of Medicaid is referred to as Passport services. 
  • Assisted Living: There are many assisted living facilities that may accept Medicaid to help cover the cost of care. A facility may require an individual to privately pay for a number of years before utilizing the Medicaid Waiver.
  • Skilled Nursing Care: Most skilled nursing homes in our area accept individuals on Medicaid. Unlike assisted living facilities, there is not a private pay requirement. 

Medicaid planning often allows an individual to protect assets as part of the process. Asset protection in Medicaid planning means that you will be able to continue to pay for items to assist you rather than leaving that burden to your children or other loved ones. It also can assist a community spouse with their needs for their lifetime. 

The application process is not always easy. Guidance is needed to navigate the maze. The rules of Medicaid are based on Federal and state law. Likely, you will need an advocate to be there for you. 


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